Christmas Figures

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  • Vintage Wood Carved Sleigh With Handpainted Scenes See Photos! Possible German
  • Summer Santa Claus Gnome Character In Coveralls Chainsaw Carving #4
  • Christmas Summer Santa Claus Gnome Character In Coveralls Chainsaw #6
  • Bjoern Koehler Kunsthandwerk With Waldemar The Dachshund
  • Russian Ceprueb Nocag Santa Skiing Painted Christmas Ornaments Signed Bum Russia
  • Karen Haskell Huge Santa Signed 35 Inch Robe Toys Beads Vtg Designer Creation
  • Susan M. Smith Alaska Santa Collection Exclusive For Alaska Christmas Store 8.5
  • Lynn Haney Signed Santa 18 Inch European 1996 Christmas Tree Toys Beads Vintage
  • Rare! Ken Kratz Signed Primitive Wood Carving Santa & Reindeer Drawn Sleigh
  • Couple Sculpture Pencil Carving Made To Order, Love Never Fails Miniature
  • Anthony Costanza Captured Carvings Angel Named Cerise 12
  • Vintage Primitive Carved Wood 1992 House Of Hatten Santa Mouse Bunny Cardinal
  • Hand Carved Russian Wooden Santa Snow Maiden Christmas Ornaments
  • Early Antique Rrr German Santa In Wooden Car & Great Toys & Santa Helper